Preventive Care for Longevity of Career

Physiostorm Drumsticks Fulcrum


Whether you are a seasoned drummer or just starting out, PHYSIOSTORM drumsticks can prevent injury from prolonged drumming.  The specialized PHYSIOGRIPS protect hands and isolate vibration from the body.  On impact, these tip-weighted sticks produce the same volume with less effort. These advan...

Providing Your Child with Drumsticks to Succeed


Physiostorm Drumsticks eli with grandpa 


Every year a new batch of enthusiastic children sign up for drum lessons.  Parents commit by purchasing costly drum sets only to find that their enthusiasts' interest wains at the first twinge of pain.  Often this results from the discomfort of the vibration transfered to their small frames...

Gain the Marching Band Advantage

Traditional Play


One of the difficulties marching band drummers face is mastering the traditional grip.  With PHYSIOSTORM drumsticks, your ensemble gains an advantage by customizing grips to accelerate finger memory.  I find that ridged segments on the left hand stick and grooved segments on the right hand stic...

Eliminate Blisters While Drumming



The best of drummers have experienced the discomfort of blistered hands.  Some of the most famous have made endless pursuit to prevent this excruciating pain.  To their dissappointment, many have applied wraps or switched to dipped sticks, only to find that the abrasion increased.  The soft, s...

End Frustration from Dropped Drumsticks

Physiostorm Drumsticks on snare



Every drummer has struggled to maintain the rhythm while retrieving a dropped stick.  Though wraps and dipped sticks have been used in an attempt to prevent this issue, many cause blisters and abrasive pain.  The specialized material of PHYSIOGRIPs creates a drumstick that is easily held.  T...