Drumming --- A Key Component of Music Therapy

Physiostorm Drumsticks on snare dark background


A quick internet search will yield endless results on the proven health benefits of music.  While most people are familiar with the success of this therapeutic tool, drumming is a key component, drawing more attention each day.  Multiple promising studies show drumming helps to:


  • fight depression and create feelings of wellbeing
  • relieve tension, anxiety, and stress
  • release emotional trauma
  • calm autistic and special needs patients
  • control chronic pain
  • boost immune system and in some cases, increase T-cell count
  • lower blood pressure
  • increase hand dexterity
  • access the entire brain, potentially restoring damaged areas.


Every musical instrument offers potential for healing but drums are unique in that anyone, of any age, can engage immediately.  To begin, there is no need to read sheet music, or to carry a tune.  This is universal and the results speak for themselves.

I encourage you to broaden your view of percussion.  Whether you are an advanced performer or just starting out, a new perspective through the lens of health benefits will encourage you to explore new expressions through drumming.



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