End Frustration from Dropped Drumsticks

Physiostorm Drumsticks on snare



Every drummer has struggled to maintain the rhythm while retrieving a dropped stick.  Though wraps and dipped sticks have been used in an attempt to prevent this issue, many cause blisters and abrasive pain.  The specialized material of PHYSIOGRIPs creates a drumstick that is easily held.  This tactile advantage stablizes the stick within your hand, so you are no longer focused on maintaining your grip. 

The four textures conform to your hand to varying degrees. 

  • Smooth maintains the diameter of the stick while offering some additional grip. 
  • Grooved allows your fingers and thumb to sit within the grooves.  This proves more stable than the smooth.
  • Pebbled provides consistant texture with further grip.
  • Ridged offers the most stability, allowing your fingers and thumb to rest between the ridges.

Eliminate the stress of thrown sticks by customizing your PHYSIOSTORM drumsticks.  With a relaxed hand, your drum rolls are easier, your sticks are working for you, and you will find playing a much more enjoyable experience.



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