Providing Your Child with Drumsticks to Succeed


Physiostorm Drumsticks eli with grandpa 


Every year a new batch of enthusiastic children sign up for drum lessons.  Parents commit by purchasing costly drum sets only to find that their enthusiasts' interest wains at the first twinge of pain.  Often this results from the discomfort of the vibration transfered to their small frames.  PHYSIOSTORM drumsticks prevent this issue by isolating the vibration, preventing unnecessary damage to hands, wrists, elbows, and shoulders. 

Ridged Physiogrip


Additionally, those who are learning to play traditional grip often struggle with hand placement.  The PHYSIOSTORM drumstick can be customized to accelerate finger memory, offering gratifying results as students pursue their passion.  I generally recommend the ridged PHYSIOGRIP segments for beginners.  This offers the most stable grip and hand placement identifiers.


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