Reduce and Prevent Pain While Drumming




Whether a beginner or seasoned professional, all drummers have felt the pain of pursuing their passion.  Common issues arise from the excessive vibration that travels through the hands, wrists, and arms.  All four types of PHYSIOGRIPs isolate these vibrations, offering increased comfort.  The ridged grip offers the most protection. 

The PHYSIOSTORM drumstick allows you to customize your left and right hand sticks to insure the grip placement offers optimal comfort.  For instance, if you play with traditional grip, you may experience pain in your ring finger.  Placing a ridged or pebbled segment on the stick that makes contact with your finger, will greatly reduce stress on your hand. 

Due to pain, many drummers have been advised to use a small diameter stick or to stop playing for an extended period of time.  This is not necessary with the PHYSIOSTORM drumsticks as the comfort offered through the grips often allows you to play with your preferred stick size with no down time.


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