Struggling With Decision on Which Physiogrips to Choose?



Each style of Physiogrip provides comfort, alleviates pressure points, reduces hand fatigue, protects from blisters, isolates vibration, and creates tactile advantage to prevent dropping of sticks. For those of you who are new to our site and are wondering which Physiogrips are best for you, we can offer the following recommendations:

  • The Smooth Physiogrip is best for the drummer who wants the added benefit of tip weighted sticks without adding texture. Your Physiostorm Drumsticks will feel most like your current sticks while providing the benefits all Physiogrips offer.
  • The Grooved Physiogrip naturally accomodates thumb and finger placement for superior grip and further isolates vibration.
  • The Pebbled Physiogrip offers a unique sensory texture with additional isolation from vibration.
  • The Ridged Physiogrip creates maximum comfort and optimal grip.  Because the ridges allow your hand to sit away from the stick, the initail play feel is unique.  This segment offers the greatest amount of isolation from vibration as it allows the stick to flex within the grip.  Drummers quickly become familiar with the new sensation.  Drummers who experience discomfort while playing prefer this grip.  Music therapists also prefer this grip for clients with diminished hand strength.  Educators utilize individual Ridged segments to serve as markers for hand placement.










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