Why Physiostorm Drumsticks are an Economical Investment


Control Room 2 physiostorm drumsticks


Any serious drummer knows the cost of drumming extends beyond the price tag of a good kit.  Depending upon your play style, you may have invested in expensive wraps or sleeves that were thrown away with the broken stick.  Perhaps you've sought medical intervention to relieve symptoms from the wear and tear of persistant trauma to hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders. 

While developing the Physiostorm Drumsticks, I took great care to insure the Physiostick would out perform most drumsticks, due to quality of wood and design.  Experts were consulted to determine and test the optimal material for the Physiogrips, so that the texture and cushion would out perform as well; far superior, in my opinion, to wraps, dips or sleeves.  Because of this specialized material, most injuries are preventable as the grips absorb the vibration that can cause discomfort or long term effects.

These details are key to a quality product; however. that is not all.  The Physiogrips are designed for reuse.  If a stick does break, the Physiogrips can be transfered onto replacement Physiosticks.  My patented Physiostorm Drumsticks are designed to provide a quality tool that drummers can invest in with confidence.

By Jim Huber - Inventor of the Physiostorm Drumstick


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